Homeschool Science - from Stratton House

Easy to use because everything is included in the box!

Science with a fun activity at the core of every lesson

Children of different ages can work together. 

Structured for family use from grades 1-7.

Imagine the perfect science program

It must be hands-on experiments to draw my children in and let them be scientists. But no parent prep! Everything must be in the box - exciting activities (that work)  with easy to follow lessons. My children should remember what they’ve seen and learned, not for a week, but for years.

Family-friendly Science

Designed for busy homeschooling families, Home Science Adventures take little or no preparation time. You can be as involved with your children’s science as you want to be. And you don’t have to be a science expert to use these fun lessons.

Contact Information

Stratton House

3701 NE 10th St.

Renton, WA  98056