Homeschool Science - from Stratton House


At the beach, 1997.

At Paradise Lodge on Mount Rainier, 2001.

Thanksgiving, 2005. 

Big Family Outing to Seattle, 2016.  

Who are we?


We are Andy and Briana Stratton, and our company is Stratton House Home Science Adventures.  

In 1995 our son was born, and we started thinking about homeschooling. We found a lack of hands-on science for kids to enjoy. Our homeschooling friends showed us books that described projects, but the experiments often didn’t work and the equipment was inconvenient to gather. Since Andy was a science teacher with a degree in physics and a master’s degree in curriculum development, we thought we could help. We created Stratton House Home Science Adventures.  

Our vision for Home Science Adventures is to present hands-on lessons for children where the experiments are fun and really work, and everything needed is included. 

Our son is grown now and has moved out of the house. Andy has gone back to being a full-time physics teacher. Briana handles our science kit orders. Home Science Adventures is run out of our home. This is why there are only six topics – we couldn’t fit more in our home! 

We believe that science should be fun for children to do, and easy for parents to teach. To that end, we hope to continue serving the homeschool community for many years to come. We hope you will find Home Science Adventures a delight to use, and a joyful part of your children’s education.

Andy and Briana Stratton