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Create a Magnetic Sculpture! [3K]


"My husband does Science with our kids twice a week. He's having fun with it because he can just get out the box and he's ready to go."

- Mrs. Sheila Johnson, mother of 2 boys, ages 10 & 12

In MAGNETISM you will:

  • FEEL the FORCE with your extra strong ceramic magnets!
  • Use the power of magnetism to CREATE LEVITATION!
  • See a magnet's INVISIBLE FORCE FIELDS with encased iron filings!
  • Pace off a TREASURE MAP with your magnetic compass!
  • Create works of genius with your MAGNETIC SCULPTURE!
  • Make a hand-held MAGNETIC MOTOR!
  • and enjoy many more experiments.
Fun with Magnets


Magnet Science Kit
Comes with Student Lesson Book & Parent Guide - (not shown)

This mini-course takes your children from "opposite poles attract", all the way through electromagnets and making their own motor.

Comes with 20 experiments in 13 lessons, parent guide, and enough equipment for two children working together to share. Grades 1-8.

The lessons were tested with homeschool students at School Works Learning Center, where the students loved them!

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Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism is the original homeschool program from which Magnetism was taken. Follow this link to see it

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1) Magnetic Levitation - Two experiments that seem to defy gravity. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
2) Attraction and Repulsion - Investigate the poles of a mystery magnet. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
3) What is Magnetic? - Test a variety of objects for magnetic properties.
4) Making a Compass - from a paper clip and a piece of cork. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
5) The Treasure Map - Use your compass to pace off the directions in a treasure map. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
6) A Magnet's Reach - Chart and graph how the effect of a magnet changes with distance.
7) Invisible Force Fields - Observe and draw magnetic fields, created by iron filings in a sealed plastic case. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
8) Our Magnetic Earth - Learn how a compass works as you explore the shape of the Earth's magnetic field. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
9) Magnetic Sculpture - Use the 3D nature of magnetic fields to create arches and other works of art. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
10) A Different Way to Get Magnetism - Use electricity to create magnetic fields. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
11) A Homemade Motor - Create a simple (but very cool!) electric motor from a battery, a magnet, some paper clips and wire. (SEE PDF OF THIS LESSON)
12) Experiments with your Motor - Find out what role magnets play in a motor.
13) The Electromagnet - Turn a nail into a magnet that can be turned on and off.

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Everything you need is included in the kit:

Use your Science Kit to make a MotorStudent Lesson Book & Parent Guide (See an example)
Two Bar Magnets Two High-Force Ceramic C5 Magnets
Iron Filings in a Clear Sealed Plastic Case
Lodestone piece
Homemade Compass Kit (paper clip, cork piece, cup)
Magnetic Sculpture Parts (keeper, washer, steel nuts)
C Battery
Magnet Wire
Storage Case for small parts
Ruler, brass & steel screws, aluminum washer, nail, thread, sandpaper, paper clips, penny, wooden dowel

Extra Parts are available from our website on the Extra Parts page.

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