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Homeschool Science Curriculum
The Wonders of Light

Extra Parts Recommendations for 3 children

The Wonders of Light is intended for two children working together, sharing the equipment. With the understanding that it's not necessary for each child to have all their own equipment, here are our minimum recommendations for adding a third child, so all three will have a good experience without waiting around. These recommendations assume that the children can share a little, but won't want to wait too long.

For 3 children working at the same time, add:
1 pair of mirrors
1 pair of wooden blocks
1 acrylic refraction box
2 magnfiers
1 rainbow glasses
1 bottle of bubbles
1 polarizing filter set
1 set of craft sticks
1 set of UV detecting beads
2 light sticks (if you want 1 per child)

This is a lot of parts compared to the other kits, but the parts are small and hard to share between three children, so you will be glad to have extras.

Below is an extra parts form filled in with these recommendations. Feel Free to check, uncheck or change quantity on anything on the list.

Extra Parts Form:

Homeschool Science Curriculum


These are Extra Parts for the kit The Wonders of Light or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. Those kits already contain enough for 2 children working together.

Please Check the boxes for what you want, and enter the quantities. After you have made all your selections, hit "Put these in my cart!" at the bottom of the page.

20% off: change ANY quantity to 3 or more and you will get 20% off that item.

 Item Check  Quantity  Price  Notes
Student Lessons and Parent Guide




This item comes in The Wonders of Light or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. Includes permission to copy for a family or small group.
Student Lessons - just the copies.   set


Want copies for more children but you hate making photocopies? We can copy them for you. Available ONLY to customers who have (or are buying) the The Wonders of Light or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. [consumable item]
LESSONS 1-4 - Reflection
Mirrors, 1 pair
    pair $2 /pr  For 1 group of 1 or 2 children. One pair comes in kit.
Wooden Cubes
    pair 50¢ /pr Used as mirror stands. Use 1 cube for each mirror.
1 oz pkg
    pkg $1 /pkg For sticking the mirrors to the blocks.
Enough for about 30 mirrors. 1/16th oz comes in kit.
Neon Cards
pkg of 100
    pkg $2 /pkg Enough for 25 groups of 1 or 2 children. 4 cards come in kit. [consumable item]
LESSONS 5-10 - Refraction and Lenses - you will also need the short list of items at the bottom of this table.
Acrylic Box    


Small clear box. Acts as a water prism. Also used in lesson 15. Two children may share one; even more fun with 1 box per child.
Magnifier     $2 With 2 different lenses. Also used in lesson 15. 2 children may share one; even more fun with 1 magnifier per child.
Craft Sticks     dz

 50¢ /dz

For wood burning with the magnifier. 6" x 3/4". Enough for 12 children. Kit comes with 2 craft sticks. [consumable item]
LESSON 11-16 - Strange Qualities of Light
Rainbow Glasses     $1 For lesson 11 on spectra. 2 come in the kit. Use 1 per child. To help you with this we offer 3 for 80¢ each, or 10 or more for 60¢ each.
Bubbles with wand    


For lesson 12 on interference.
Use 1 per group of 1 or 2. [consumable item]
UV detecting beads - pkg of 170     pkg $4 /pkg For lesson 13 on ultraviolet light. These beads change color under UV light. Enough for 24 children to make their own UV bracelets of 7 beads each. Kit comes with 7 beads.
Polarizing filter set     set

$1.50 /set

For lessons 14 & 15. 1 set = 2 medium (1.5"x1.75") and 1 small filter. Use 1 set per group of 1 or 2.
Polarizing transparent tape     roll


For lesson 15, which also uses 1 Acrylic Box and 1 Magnifier (above). Enough for 4 children. [consumable item]
Transparency sheet    


For lesson 15. These sheets will work. (Most transparency sheets won't.) Enough for 4 children. [consumable item]
Light Sticks     $1 For lesson 16 on phosphorescence. Kit comes with 1 light stick. In case you want 1 per child, we offer 3 or more for 80¢ each, 10 or more for 60¢ each. [consumable item]
Star Shapes (6)

 $1 /pkg

For lesson 16. 6 star shapes. (our kits come with 3 star shapes) Enough for 4-6 children.
The light kit also comes with these supplies that we do not sell separately:
2 three oz paper cups - most dixie cups or coffee cups will work for this.
1 white index card to project an image on - or just use a white sheet of paper.
1 paperboard ruler - just use any ruler that has metric and inches.
2 thin stirring straws - use a coffee stirrer or very thin straw. A toothpick might even work.
1 new penny - or any U.S. penny where the detail on the back is still very sharp.
(If you think we should make any of these available for sale on this page, let me know and I will.)

Please allow a couple extra days for these extra parts orders.

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