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Homeschool Science Curriculum
Discovering Insects

Extra Parts Recommendations for 3 children

Discovering Insects is intended for two children working together, but we have found it works pretty well with 3 children, too.

For 3 children working at the same time, add:

Nothing (Wow. That was easy)

You may look over the form, below, to decide if you want anything anyway.

Extra Parts Form:

Homeschool Science Curriculum


These are Extra Parts for the kit Discovering Insects or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. Those kits already contain enough for 2 children working together.

Please Check the boxes for what you want, and enter the quantities. After you have made all your selections, hit "Put these in my cart!" at the bottom of the page.

20% off: change ANY quantity to 3 or more and you will get 20% off that item.

 Item Check  Quantity  Price  Notes
Student Lessons and Parent Guide




This item comes in Discovering Insects or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. Includes permission to copy for a family or small group.
Student Lessons - just the copies.  set


Want copies for more children but you hate making photocopies? We can copy them for you. Available ONLY to customers who have (or are buying) the Discovering Insects or Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light. [consumable item]
Plastic Model Bugs (set of 12)
   set $6 /set For lessons 1, 2, 4 & 11.
Enough for 1 group of 1 to 2 children.
Insect Guide
    $1 These, and other interesting resources are available for FREE from (One guide per requester.)
Plastic Forceps     50¢ For handling insects, should you choose to.
Multi-Faceted Viewer    


For lesson 5: Compound Eyes. Two children could share one viewer.
Insect Bag    bag


CONTENTS: 1 beeswax piece (2 x 1.5 inch); 1 honey packet; 1 bag of BBs; 1 plastic spoon; 2 pieces of string; 1 lemon juice packet; 1 sugar packet; 1 dropper; 1 craft stick; 2 tiny plastic ants; 4 small paper clips; 2 craft picks. [most are consumable items] Use 1 bag per group of 1 or 2 children.
Insect Bag Pieces
For just a few children you will want the Insect Bag, listed above. If you want only certain pieces, but in larger quantities, I have provided the following:

 6 Beeswax pieces


 $1 /6pk

For lesson 4: Enough for 6 to 12 children. 2" x 1.5" inch. [consumable item]

Large Beeswax Sheet


 $1.50 each

8" x 8" pieces. Great for making candles. Nice honey fragrance. We have to much on hand to use in our kits so we are also selling them off by the sheet.

 6 honey packets


 $1 /6pk 

For lesson 4: Enough for 6 children, or use any honey from your kitchen. [consumable item]



50¢ /bag

For lesson 5: Compound Eyes. 20 BBs in a ziplock. Use 1 bag per group of 1-2 children.

 4 Droppers


 50¢ /4pk

For lesson 7: Experiments on an Ant Trail
Enough for 4 children.

  12 Tiny
Plastic Ants


50¢ /dz

For lesson 8: Jumpers & Skaters
Enough for 12 children.

  12 Craft


50¢ /dz

For lesson 8: Jumpers & Skaters. 6" x 3/4"
Enough for 12 children.

 Box of small
Paper Clips



For lesson 8: Jumpers & Skaters. Box has 100 paper clips. Use 2 paper clips per child. (any small paper clips should work) [consumable item]

  24 Craft


50¢ /24pk

For lessons 9,10 on Spiders. If the children are to afraid to touch spider webs with these giant toothpicks, try bamboo skewers.
ODDS AND ENDS: The Insect Bag also comes with supplies that we do not sell separately, but you can probably find them around your house:
1 plastic spoon - most spoons will work - Lesson 5
1 lemon juice packet - or substitute something else, like vinegar - Lesson 7
1 sugar packet - about a teaspoons - Lesson 7
3 small paper cups - or just use any cups - Lesson 7
2 strings - like kite string - Lesson 7
(If you think we should make any of these available for sale on this page, let me know and I will.)

Please allow a couple extra days for these extra parts orders.

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