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Homeschool Science Curriculum
The Astronomy Adventure

Extra Parts Recommendations for 3 children

The Astronomy Adventure already works well for two children working together. With the understanding that it's not necessary for each child to have all their own equipment, here are our minimum recommendations for adding a third child, so all three will have a good experience without waiting around. These recommendations assume that the children can share a little, but won't want to wait too long.

For 3 children working at the same time, add:
1 sheet of planet stickers
1 artificial gravity set
1 wooden ruler
2 jumbo paper clips

Below is an extra parts form filled in with these recommendations. Feel Free to check, uncheck or change quantity on anything on the list.

Extra Parts Form:

Homeschool Science Curriculum


These are extra parts for the kit The Astronomy Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. Those kits already contain enough for 2 children working together.

Please Check the boxes for what you want, and enter the quantities. After you have made all your selections, hit "Put these in my cart!" at the bottom of the page.

20% off: change ANY quantity to 3 or more and you will get 20% off that item.

 Item  Check  Quantity


Student Lessons and Parent Guide  N/A  N/A  $15 This item comes in The Astronomy Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. Includes permission to copy for a family or small group.
Student Lessons - just the copies.     set  $5 Want copies for more children but you hate making photocopies? We can copy them for you. Available ONLY to customers who have (or are buying) the Astronomy Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. [consumable item]
LESSON 3 - The Phases of the Moon
Ping Pong Ball    


For lesson 3 on moon phases. You will also need a ruler (available below), and a large strong plastic straw such as the kind McDonald's uses. Get 1 of each for every 2 or 3 children.
1 oz pkg

$1 /pkg

Reusable adhesive for lesson 3. Makes 8 pieces, enough for about 16 children. Kit comes with 1 piece.
LESSONS 7 & 8 - Artificial Gravity, and Gravity on other Planets
Artificial Gravity Set    


A pegboard square with strong cord and a couple jumbo paper clips. Enough for 1 or 2 children.
Wooden Ruler    


Also used in lesson 3. Our rulers work better for these lessons than most. Enough for 1 or 2 children.
Paper Cups (5 oz) - 1 dozen     dz

60¢ /dozen

These are cheaper at the grocery store. Get 3 or 4 cups per child. Kit comes with 4 cups. [consumable item]
Jumbo Paper Clips - a pair     pr  10¢ /pair For lesson 8. Use 1 paperclip for each ruler. Kit comes with 2 jumbo paperclips.
LESSON 9 - Venus, Mercury and the Greenhouse Effect


A group of 2-4 children could share one.
Plastic Tray with Clear Lid    


A group of 2-4 children could share one.
LESSONS 1,2, 10-15 - Night Time Observations


8 power, optical glass lenses, 21 mm objective lens. 2 or 3 children could easily share one pair.


4 children could share one.
Star Map set     set


4 maps - 1 for each season
4 children could share one set.
LESSONS 16 - Curved Space & Black Holes
2 Large Balloons and 2 BB's     pkg


This much also comes in kit. Enough for up to 4 children.
LESSONS 3, 4, 5, 6
Modeling Clay
one 4 oz bar

  $1 /bar

For lesson 5. Enough for 4 groups of up to 3. Divide 4 ounce bar into 4 equal pieces. Kit comes with 1 ounce piece.
Astronomy Bag    

 $3.50 /bag

This bag contains the odds and ends in just the right quantities for one group of 2 children. Contents: planet stickers, 7 balloons, 6 neon cards, 15 toothpicks, 12 thin straws, 1 large straw. [all are consumable items]
Astronomy Bag Pieces
For just a few children you will want the Astronomy Bags, listed above. If you want only certain pieces, but in larger quantities, I have provided the following:

 Large Straws
1 dozen

    dz   60¢ /dz For lesson 3. Need 1 straw per ping pong ball. Any large strong plastic straws will do.

Planet Stickers
pk of 6 sheets


$2 /pkg

For lesson 4. Enough for 12 children.
Each sheet contains 2 full planet sets. Kit has 1 sheet. (This lesson is for the younger crowd.) [consumable item]

Planet Stickers
1 sheet



For lesson 4. Enough for 2 children.
Each sheet contains 2 full planet sets. Kit has1 sheet. (This lesson is for the younger crowd.) [consumable item]

12 Balloons

    dz $2 /dz For lessons 5. Enough for 6 groups of 2 children. 11" dia. Mix of yellows and orange. [consumable item]

12 Balloons


 $1 /dz

For lesson 5. Enough for 6 groups of 2 children. 5" dia. Mix of blues and greens. [consumable item]

24 Punched Neon Index Cards

    x 24

$1 /24

For lesson 6. Enough for 4 groups of 2 to 4 children each. 4 colors; prepunched to fit on the thin straws. [consumable item]

25 Thin Straws
25 Toothpicks


 $1.25 /pkg

For lesson 6. Enough for 2 groups. [consumable item]

Please allow a couple extra days for these extra parts orders.

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