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These are Extra Parts for the kit The Magnetism Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. Those kits already contain enough for 2 children working together.

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This item comes in The Magnetism Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. Includes permission to copy for a family or small group.
Student Lessons - just the copies.  set


Want copies for more children but you hate making photocopies? We can copy them for you. This service is available to customers who have (or are buying) The Magnetism Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. [consumable item]
GENERAL EQUIPMENT - Each of these is used in several lessons.
Latch Magnet Trio,
    sets $1 /set  Powerful, but brittle. I suggest you have at least 1 set per child plus a couple extra magnets. Get 3 or more sets for 80¢/set; 10 or more sets for 60¢/set.
Bar Magnets
- a pair
   pair $1.25 /pr For 1 group of 1 or 2 children.
Compass     $1.50 For 1 group of 1 or 2 children.
Wooden Ruler     80¢ You may use any rulers, but make sure they don't have a metal strip down the side. Need 1 ruler per group.
6 compartment
Plastic Case


Handy for organizing the small pieces.
LESSON 1 - Magnetic Levitation
Invisible Thread     60¢ 6 ft, very thin. Enough for up to 3 children.
Giant washer would also be handy. See lesson 9
Acrylic Rod     50¢ 3/16" dia; about 7" long. Kit comes with 1 rod. Handy to have 1 rod for each child.
LESSON 3 - What is Magnetic?
Brass/Steel screws, plus Aluminum washer    


Identical brass and steel screws in a matched pair, plus 1 aluminum washer. Use 1 set for every group of 2 or 3 children.
LESSON 5 - Making a Compass
Homemade compass kit.    set $1 CONTENTS: cork square, sewing needle, 2 serving cups. Use 1 set for every 1 or 2 children.
LESSON 8 - Invisible Force Fields
Iron Filing Case    


Iron filings, sealed in a clear plastic case. For 1 or 2 children.
LESSON 9 - Magnetic Sculpture
Giant Washer & Keeper Disk    


2" dia. Forms the base of the magnetic sculpture. The washer can also be used in Lesson 2. For 1 or 2 children. One of these already comes in the Magnetism Bag, below.
Steel Nuts - about 30    pkg

$1 /pkg

Enough for 1 sculpture. Also used in Lesson 13. (reusable)
ELECTROMAGNETISM STUFF - for lessons 10, 11, 12, and 13
C Battery    


Any NON-RECHARGEABLE C batteries will do. You'll need at least 1 for each child, plus a few extras in case the children run them down too quickly. [consumable item]
2 Rubber Bands    pr

 15¢ /pr

#31 rubber bands. Need 1 per motor. Use any rubber band that's about 2.5 inches long.
Electromagnetism Bag    


This bag contains the odds and ends in just the right quantities for one group of 2 children. Contents: magnet wire pair [consumable], sandpaper piece [consumable], nail, 6 jumbo paper clips, 3x5 card, giant washer & keeper disk.
Magnetism Bag Pieces
Odds and ends. For just a few children you will want the Magnetism Bag, listed above. If you want only certain pieces, but in larger quantities, I have provided the following:
Magnet Wire Pair


$1.50 /pr

2 six ft. magnet wires bundled together. Enough for 2 children, but I'd get some extras. [consumable item]
6 small sandpaper pieces    pkg

 $1 /pkg

2"x3.5" pieces, or use any medium or fine grit sandpaper. Enough for 6 children.
6 Nails    pkg

 50¢ /pkg

3 inches long. Enough for 6 children.
Jumbo Paper Clips - 1 dozen    dz

 50¢ /dz

Enough for 6 kids. Need more? get a box (below)
A box of 100 Jumbo Paper Clips     box of 100

 $1.50 /box

For people who really like big paper clips.



Electromagnetism lessons also use nuts and compass (available above), and a 3x5 card.

Please allow a couple extra days for these extra parts orders.

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