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Homeschool Science - for co-ops and classes

Once you have one of our kits, you may find it's so much fun you'll want to use the lessons with your co-op group.

Can extra equipment be purchased for this purpose? Yes!

The following price guides are offered as a service so you can see what kinds of materials you'll need, how much you'll need for the size of group you have, and whether it's the kind of stuff you can gather from around your house. I hope you'll find the guides useful.

Equipment Price Guides for:

If this seems like too much bother, just order extra kits. We offer 10% off of 2, and 20% off of 3 kits of the same title. This applies to Astronomy, Birds, Magnetism, Microscopic Explorations, Insects, Light, and the two triple set programs that include these. To order the kits in quantity from this website, follow this link.


"Like most teachers and homeschooling parents, I have numerous science books and curricula that sit on my shelves because it is too difficult to find all the necessary materials for the hands-on activities. Stratton House has the answer. They have compiled educational science materials that are fascinating, yet easy to use. They have taken the work out of teaching science and put the fun back in!"

- Janeen Whale, Director of
School Works Learning Center,
Kent, Washington

Q: Can I use a purchase order from my school?
A: Yes, by mail or fax (fax is 206-299-9206).

Q: Can I order by phone instead of online?
A: If you'd rather order by telephone, call 1-800-694-7225, and Andy or Briana Stratton will be glad to help you.

Q: My school needs a printed catalog before I can place an order. Can I get one?
A: Yes. E-mail us with your address and tell us whether you need the family catalog, or the co-op/classroom catalog.

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