Solar System Model

3-D Solar System Model

by Great Explorations

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Model PlanetsCreate a walk-through planetarium! Nine colorful glowing model planets seem to float against a backdrop of glowing stars.

There is no molding or painting required. Just snap the two halves of each planet together, attach the invisible thread and hang the planets from the ceiling using the star-shaped tacks provided. Cut the threads to different lengths, and as you walk around the room it feels like you're walking thru the solar system - very 3D eerie. The planets come with glow-in-the-dark star stickers, so you can put constellations on the ceiling, too.

3-D Solar System 3-D Solar System comes with
  • 9 colorful snap-together glow-in-the-dark planet globes ranging from 1" to 5" in diameter.
  • 25 feet of invisible thread - you cut to desired lengths. (Vary the lengths for the most interesting effect!)
  • Star-shaped ceiling tacks
  • 200 glow-in-the-dark star stickers
  • Planetary guide

3-D SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL - formerly $19.95, NOW $14.95

(You can always take it out later.)

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