Extra Parts

for 3 or more children

Homeschool Science - Extra Parts

Can extra parts be purchased for this purpose? Yes!

Once you have one of our kits, you may find it's so much fun you'll want to use some of the lessons with more children. 



Do I need extra parts if 2 children will be using the kit?

No, each Home Science Adventures kit is for one child, or two children working together.



Do I need extra parts if 3 children will be using the kit?

That depends on your children and the kits you choose.
We give further recommendations on the Extra Parts page for each topic (see links at left).



What should I do for 4 children?

We recommend getting 2 kits to share. Order from "Select your Own Topics" (below). Make your first and second choice be the topic you want. It will be like ordering 2 kits, but saving $10 on the second one. And they will probably come in one box.

NEW!  Select your own topics and save money.

Save $10 for each topic beyond the first (saving included in the prices shown).

Or use this to buy 2 or 3 of any one topic, saving $10 on each beyond the first.

They usually ship in a single box.

Choose First Topic . . .                          then Second Topic . . .                       and Third Topic (optional)

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