Extra Astronomy Parts

for 3 or more children

Astronomy - Extra Parts

Recommendations for 3 children

The Astronomy Adventure works well for two children working together. Here are our minimum recommendations for three children, so all will have a good experience. These recommendations assume that the children can share a little, but won't want to wait too long.

For 3 children working at the same time, add:

     1 sheet of planet stickers

     1 artificial gravity set

     1 wooden ruler

Recommendations for using these kits with larger groups.

Once you have one of our kits, you may find it's so much fun you'll want to use some of the lessons with more children.

Can extra parts be purchased for this purpose? Yes!

Use the Extra Parts for Magnetism (below) to order the parts for those lessons. The chart gives information on what you need for each lesson.

20% Discount for 2 or more

To make it easier to use with families and larger groups, order 2 or more of any item and you will get a 20% discount.

Below is an extra parts form. Feel free to add anything on it by filling in the quantity of anything on the list.

Extra Parts for Astronomy

Fill in the quantity for the items you want to order.

After you have made all your selections, hit "Put these items in my cart" at the bottom of the page.






This item comes in The Astronomy Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. Includes permission to copy for a family or small group.

Student Lessons and Parent Guide



Student Lessons

- extra copies

Want copies for more children but you hate making photocopies? We can copy them for you. Available ONLY to customers who have (or are buying) the Astronomy Adventure or Astronomy, Birds & Magnetism. - consumable item



$6 /set

Lessons 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15: Night Sky Observations

8 power, optical glass lenses, 21 mm objective lens.

2 or 3 children could easily share one pair. Kit has 1 pair.



Binoculars - 8x21




All children could share one, and 1 comes in the kit.



Star Maps


4 maps - 1 for each season.   4 children could share one set. Kit has 1 set

Lesson 3: Phases of the Moon


Need 1 of each for every 2 or 3 children. Kit has one.

You will also need a ruler and a straw (available below) and any lamp.

Ping Pong Ball


Lesson 4: The Solar System

Enough for 2 children.

Each sheet contains 2 full planet sets. Kit has 1 sheet.

(This lesson is for the younger crowd.)  - consumable item

Planet Stickers - 1 sheet



Lesson 5: Modeling Planet Sizes

For making models of planets.  - consumable item

2 or 3 children can share 1 block. Kit has 1 block



Modeling Clay Block

Large Round Balloons

12" latex balloons - set of 7

Lesson uses 4 balloons. Lesson 16 uses one more. 2 extras - just incase!

 2 or 3 children can share 1 set. Kit has 1 set.  - consumable item




Lesson 6: Modeling Planet Distances - Interplanetary Hike

Punched Neon Cards

- set of 6

For making flags to mark planets.

Many children can share 1 set. Kit has 1 set. - consumable item




Straws - set of 12

For making flags to mark planets. Also used in Lesson 16.

Many children can share 1 set. Kit has 1 set. - consumable item




For making flags to mark planets. Most any toothpicks would work.

Many children can share 1 set. Kit has 1 set. - consumable item

Toothpicks - set of 12




Lessons 7 & 8: Gravity Lessons - Artificial Gravity - Gravity on Other Planets

Artificial Gravity Machine

Pegboard square and neon cord. Used in lessons 7 and 8.

Get 1 for every 2 children. Kit has 1 set.



4 Paper Cups - 5 oz

These are cheaper at the grocery store. Used in lesson 7.  

Get 3 or 4 per child. Kit comes with 4 cups. - consumable item


/set of 4



Wooden Ruler

For lesson 8. Our rulers work better for this than most rulers.

Also used in lesson 3. Enough for 1 or 2 children. Kit comes with 1.



For lesson 8. Use 1 paperclip for each ruler. Kit comes with 2. Any jumbo paperclips will do.

Jumbo Paper Clips

 - a pair




Lesson 9: Mercury, Venus, and the Greenhouse Effect


A group of 2-4 children could share one. Kit comes with 1.



Plastic Tray with Clear Lid



A group of 2-4 children could share one. Kit comes with 1.

Lesson 16: Curved Space

You'll need 1 balloon and 1 BB for each 1 or 2 students.

Kit comes with 2 BBs and some extra balloons.


2 BBs



Remember, change ANY quantity to 2 or more and you will get 20% off that item.

Please allow a couple extra days for these extra parts orders.