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Extra Equipment for Home Science Adventures

Each Home Science Adventures kit is designed for two children working together. For a larger family you may want to get extras of some of the items. You can get the items you want online at www.homeschoolscience.com/co-ops/extraparts.html

Want to order equipment or kits in bulk?

We'll be happy to help you personally by phone. Also, prices and ordering methods are on our website at: www.homeschoolscience.com/co-ops/co-ops.html

More Great Hands-on Science Products - Here is a sampling of other fun science products we carry on our website. While we don't make these ourselves, we have enjoyed using them.

3-D Solar System

Create a walk-through planetarium in your room with 9 colorful glowing planets that seem to float against a background of glowing stars.

See homeschoolscience.com/favorites.html for full info, as well as great deals. We like to bring in new products and discontinue old ones as we try new things.

Not sure yet what to get?
A complete listing of the lessons and equipment in each Stratton House science learning kit, as well as free sample lessons, are available on our website:


You will be delighted with your purchase, or you may return it for a full refund. We believe happy customers will help our business grow.

Order Toll Free: 1-800-694-7225

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