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Home Science Adventures - Series 2 

New Lower

Microscopic Explorations, Insects and Light

With a whopping 76 activities in 43 lessons, this kit will easily provide you with everything you need for once-a-week hands-on science to last a whole school year and then some! Includes all three topics below.

Microscopic Explorations, Insects & Light: $72.95

Microscopic Explorations: $36.50
Extra Pocket Microscope: $15.50

Microscopic Explorations

Explore worlds too small for the naked eye! Crystals, protozoa, plants, insects and fungi - all while learning how a microscope works. Comes with one easy-to-use pocket microscope that creates an amazingly sharp image, interesting lessons, parent guide and everything you need to do the lessons except an onion and a slice of bread. Enough consumable equipment for several children working together. (Extra pocket microscopes are available.)

Grades 1-8. 22 activities in 14 lessons.

Discovering Insects

Bugs without the yuck! Plastic models, bug-eye viewer, and other goodies allow children to learn about insects and arachnids indoors, then view the real thing outdoors. And all without having to touch any bugs. (You're welcome, Mom.) Comes with fun, well illustrated lessons, parent guide and everything you need to do these hands-on lessons. Enough equipment for two children to share.

Grades 1-8. 22 activities in 13 lessons.

Discovering Insects: $27.95

 The Wonders of Light: $28.95

The Wonders of Light

From mirrors to rainbows, polarization to phosphorescence, lenses to UV, this kit will put many mysteries of the universe in a new light. Comes with fascinating experiments, parent guide and everything you need to do these hands-on lessons.

Grades 1-8. 32 activities in 16 lessons.

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