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"Wow! Did you see this?" Children interacting with the Discovering Birds materials.

Expertise you can count on

Our creative genius is Andy Stratton, who, with degrees in physics and science education, has been making science exciting, teaching in both private schools and homeschool settings for many years. Andy and his wife Briana bring in the talents of other teachers and homeschool parents to create a product that is unique in its usefulness for home learning.


"Hey, look at that!"

How a lesson works

Choose a lesson, take one minute to read the lesson notes, and let your children begin. All the equipment is in the box. Your children can follow the easy, well-illustrated instructions on the lesson sheets.

It is through the activity that the children learn. They see science working, make their own observations and draw their own conclusions. The lesson sheets provide an organized way to record their findings.

After the children have finished the activity you can look over their lesson sheets (keys provided where needed), or you can challenge them with the discussion questions and advanced topics from the parent guide.

An excellent value

Think of having a whole year of weekly hands-on science lessons with all the equipment at your fingertips, for about the price of a textbook. It's so much more convenient than science activity books. Spend your time with your children, not digging up the equipment you'll need. Home Science Adventures will make homeschool science a pleasure.


"It's probably been the highlight of our school year. It's so much fun and so well organized that it's not a stress on me. My kids have been so eager to learn more, they've been going to the library and checking out books on astronomy. They've been the ones to remind me when it's time to do some night sky observing."

- Sandy Odle, Olalla, WA
(using Stratton House kits with 5 of her children)

Home Science Adventures. Recommended by
Homeschool Almanac, Kolbe Academy,
Homeschooling Today, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, Laura Berquist, Michael Leppert, Jane Boswell and many other homeschooling experts.

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