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Home Science Adventures
make your science education
fun, easy and effective

Imagine the perfect science program

I'd like the program to be hands-on experiments to draw my children in and let them be scientists. But no parent prep! I want everything in the box. And I want outstanding activities and lessons. My children should remember what they've learned, not for a week, but for years.

If you agree, please consider Home Science Adventures.

Family-friendly Science

Designed for busy homeschooling families, Home Science Adventures take little or no preparation time. You can be as involved with your children's science as you want to be. And you don't have to be a science expert to use these fun lessons.

Multi-level education for grades one through eight

The hands-on approach, discussion questions, and opportunities for further explorations, make the lessons as engaging for an eighth grader as for a first grader. They can even work together! Home Science Adventures can be used alone or to complement your favorite textbook based curriculum.


"My son has enjoyed every lesson we've done, and he retains what he's learning because he can get his hands into it."

- Letty Hriczo, Gig Harbor, WA

"My husband does science with our kids twice a week. He likes it because everything's in one place and it's something they can do together."

- Sheila Johnson, Orting WA

"It is by far the most complete, best organized science package I have ever received. The lessons are well organized. The teacher helps are useful. I am impressed by your thoroughness."

- Maureen Fonken, e-mail

From a review by Jane Boswell,
Editor of Home Educator's Family Times:

"Parents, say goodbye to science phobias. That inadequate textbook science will be happily traded for the fascinating real science that awaits your children. The kits are thoroughly homeschool tested. This is fail-proof science at its best. I highly recommend them."

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